Anne Le Goff

Anne Le Goff


Research interest: 

  • Bioethics
  • Metaphysics: Rationality and human nature
  • Ethics of care
  • Philosophy of animals and the environment
  • Epigenetics

Brief biography: 

Anne Le Goff received her higher education and conducted her doctoral research in France and was visiting student and then scholar in many international universities (Frei Universität Berlin, Columbia University, New School for Social Research, University of Chicago).  She has taught philosophy and bioethics in French and English. 

Teaching presentations: 

  • Spring 2017: Soc Gen 164 Ethics in Health and Research; GE Cluster M71CW Biotechnology and Society Seminar
  • Winter 2017: Soc Gen 165 Introduction to Bioethics; GE Cluster M71B Biotechnology and Society
  • Fall 2016: GE Cluster M71A Biotechnology and Society
  • Former courses include: bioethics & biotechnologies, general philosophy, history of philosophy, philosophy of environment