Marie-Sophie Dumont

Marie-Sophie Dumont

Professional affiliations:

Current affiliations:

  • Research engineer in sociology at the CNRS (National French Research Center) since 2012.
  • Woking in the joint-venture GWU-CNRS lab Epidapo since 2019

Previous affiliations:

  • 2015-2019: Center for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO)
  • 2012-2015: Secure Access Data Center (CASD)

Previous lectures

  • 2015-2019: Training seminar on network analysis techniques for researchers and PhD students at Sciences Po

Research interest:

  • Big Data, epigenitics
  • Work and employment
  • Immigration and inequality
  • Elaboration and treatment of quantitative surveys : survey redaction, descriptive, exploratory, analytical and network analyzes.
  • Qualitative method : observation, interview and sociogram